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Dee1980 | pop  Tomorrow is my birthday, I turn 36, although my actions are like a teenager. Someone asked me if I was turning 40 a co-worker was talking on the phone and referred to me as "the lady..." I came home, I took a million life assessment tests...and here I am. its 11:38 p.m and in a blink of an eye Im a  more...
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Phyllis Turpen | pop  What I've gotten done this week.....1. Still off sugar. Have felt a lot of anxiety and thinking going off sugar may be the cause. 2. Very stressful week with work issues. Put things together and then fall apart. People get emotional. Can never remember the 4 step process. Seems I always get blindsi more...
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Thrive And Prosper | pop  I did the assignment weeks ago! I have sent numerous emails asking for assistance with site issues.
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Kim Conroy | pop  What types of site issues are you having?
May 26th '14 at 10:11pm . Agree
RKS | pop  1.Life coach, not counselor, for high school students. I would like to do this because throughout my different careers I have seen so many young people at a loss when setting goals, making plans for their future and not taking the time to realize the importance of seeking a career that is  more...
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Anonymous | pop  commuting!
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Phyllis Turpen | pop  What I've often done since last week1. Exercised more. Want to up it. This time of year I'm not as active. 2. Used the AWESOME buddy's from the buddy call to help me through a forgiveness process with someone . Imagined the buddies in the helpful people section of my home when I made the call. 3.  more...
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Edyfove | pop  I am very happy , I already started to teach in a logistic master, I already did two courses I liked very much and additionally I get a good extra money .. I was invited for a third class !
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Phyllis Turpen | pop  Way to go!
February 23rd '14 at 3:10am . Agree
Talane | pop  Congratulations!
February 26th '14 at 10am . Agree
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Talane | pop  Thanks very much! t
March 3rd '14 at 10:36am . Agree
Phyllis Turpen | pop  This last week have been eating a lot of sugar. Joining a group of women studying the 12 step principles of O A. And have had girlfriends visiting. Had been doing so well with not eating sugar. But just seems I ve just gotten out of control.Really liking my new real estate company and have an agent  more...
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Phyllis Turpen | pop ear seed?  Good information to know since I've really beat myself up for this.  Sugar gives me a rush and energy.  Keeps me from sleeping well.
October 8th '13 at 6:21pm . Agree
lengel | pop  Wonderful! Many things to acknowledge you for and which you could choose to celebrate if you wished. And isn't that the truth - maintaining takes a different mindset and awareness to get in place. Goo more...
October 13th '13 at 2:09am . Agree
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Phyllis Turpen | pop  Seems there are foods that trigger sugar cravings for me. And wheat is one of them. Thanks for the reminder. I get starved after eating pasta. Also went back to the book. Eat Right For Your Bloo more...
October 16th '13 at 1:23pm . Agree
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